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Presenter guide and lesson plans

One advantages that makes the programme unique is its flexibility and adaptability; lessons have been designed to accommodate learner groups as small as 7 or as large as 30. Therefore, lesson duration can range between 30 and 50 minutes, being shortened or expanded as the number of learners, the expertise of the presenter and the availability of resources dictate.

Each year is divided into four units. Each unit has an introductory page that describes in detail the life-and business objectives as well as the music objectives of that unit. The unit also includes an overview chart of the unit followed by ten lessons; each unit is concluded with a section that details how the unit can be expanded.

A typical Isandla Usizo lesson is subdivided as follows:

  • Lesson
    • Materials Needed
    • Lesson outcomes
    • Lesson plan
      • Entering the classroom
      • Welcome song
      • *Story / Activity
      • Learning a song
      • Take home paper
      • Goodbye song

  • Expanding the lesson
    • Object lesson
    • Memory verse
    • Where in the world?
    • Meet someone famous
    • Other ideas

* The stories and activities alternate every week.
The stories and story questions are provided in English and in seTswana.

The activities for each unit are divided as follows;

  • craft
  • movement/dancing
  • attentive listening development
  • games and
  • playing instruments

Example: Object lesson

I am important’ board                 

Lesson Plans
Song book


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