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From the children

Warona is a grade 3 pupil at Potchefstroom Primary School, she writes:

In Isandla Usizo I learn to listen to the tacher and to respect other people. And to bite my lip when I (want to) say something bad to someone.
I am very special. And I love the teacher.

Keanu is a grade 3 pupil at Potchefstroom Primary School, he writes:

In Isandla Usizo I learned lots of things.
1.We learned to save money
2. To listen to people
3. Not to say ugly things to another
4. We learned we are not ugly we are nice
5. We learned we are very special
6. and our teacher is very kind
7. we learned lots of things

Ntebogeng is a grade 3 pupil at Potchefstroom Primary School, she writes:

In the Isandla Usizo I lirnd about Instruments and to bit my lip and to be nice to others and I love the Isandla Usizo teacher she is the best to me and I love her storys. And I love the class very very much and I lirnd more at Isandla Usizo.

From the social workers at NG Welsyn Potchefstroom

Johanna Khunou is a social auxilary worker at NG Welsyn. She writes:

I really love the programme of Isandla Usizo, it has taught me that you can teach a child a good behaviour, respect and how to do his work through story telling and by music. What I like mostly about the programme is music, its easy to learn and sing.

I think the children really enjoy the programme very much, you can see that it feels special for them to be part of the group and to be selected from the other pupils in school, they enjoyed the Phiwe story very much, if you asked them questions about Phiwe, they answer very well and had not forgotten what they heared from the start. About the music, for them, they love it, even children who are not in the group know the songs and always sing along.

Ms. May and Ms. Smith are student social workers, according to them Isandla Usizo is a programme that has a dual purpose - children not only learn valuble lifeskills but they also get a chance to express themselves through the music.

They feel that the way the stories impact the children and the presenters connects with the children is making a difference and influencing the children in a positive way. Miss May adds “Every child receives individual attention, this gives them security and lets them know that there are people who care for them”.

They both enjoy the programme and feel that they also learn a great deal. They strongly feel that the programme should be made available to as many children as possible.

From the principal at Potchefstroom Primary School
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From the teachers at Potchefstroom Primary School

Mrs. P. Hufki writes:

I am an educator at Potchefstroom Primary School. Teaching the Grade 1 D class at present.

The grade 1 D class are taking part in the Isandla Usizo program. Thursday after first break is an exiting time for my kids because it's "music" time. They are very happy to see the music teacher, Zandi. She teaches them real life skills that are applicable to their age and life style. This program is making a difference in many learner's lives.

Music is not all that is taught in the class. Through the lessons learners realise the importance of their actions, responsibilities and other leadership qualities.

Each lesson is combined with an appropriate song. Stories and lessons are told and given by using different resources: beautiful illustrations, Cd's, instruments and many more.

The lessons and pictures link to our school program and grade one themes.

Life long lessons like "I am worth it", is taught. We're not supposed to feel inferior and other negative feelings like fear are addressed.

Learners express what they like about themselves and their friends. Learners know to treat others with respect.

'Financial mamagement' is another theme where learners are taught the principle of saving versus wasting resources. They learn about different music instruments and it's sound quality. Learners general knowledge is expanded by teaching them about different dances and it's background.

I believe Zandi is doing a great job. The learners love her a lot. She is a loving and kindhearted person. Her outgoing and friendly personality makes her to be loved and appreciated by all educators and learners. Zandi is zelous and hardworking and enjoys what she is doing. She has a vision that will leave a life long impression on our learners.

Mrs. Sybersma is a grade 2 Educator, she writes:

It gives me great pleasure to report back on the Isandla Usizo Music programme lead by Zandi Viljoen at our shcool.

The learners are excited about this period in their shcool day. They show great disappointment if it is cancelled for some or other reason.

Apart from the music of various culture groups they learn a great deal of extra skills.

They are taught to listen to an instruction and to execute it. They also get taught a very caring attitude care for others, care about nature, care for themselves.

Music is one of the multiple intelligences and learners who do not learn so well in class enjoy to learn through their gift.

The programme enhances many learner's confidence and it is with great enthusiasm and enjoyment that they produce a concert to the school once a year.

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